Ms. Riham Gamal Khedr AMEDA Secretary General

Ms. Riham Gamal Khedr

AMEDA Secretary General

Riham G. Khedr worked for MCDR for over 25 years in custody and foreign relations, plus working for AMEDA as secretary since 2005. In 2022, I left MCDR to work as AMEDA’s full-time secretary, assisting the board members of the WFC.

She succeeded in getting the Illinois Institute of Technology Diploma (IIT) in Financial Markets with a straight A. A graduate of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, Foreign Trade major. Very well trained by elite trainers from the US Agency for International Development project (USAID) and US Treasury on Everyday Communication Techniques for the Workplace, Introduction to Financial Derivatives in Egypt, Primary Dealers in Government Securities, Electronic Trading, Economics of Financial Markets, Introduction to Financial Markets, Train the Trainer workshops 1 through 4 Securities Lending and Borrowing System: Overview and Functional and System Specifications, Basic Corporate Finance, Settlement Guarantee Fund (SGF), Certified Securities Representative (CSR) provided by the USAID-Barents Group, LLC, Capital Markets, and Bankruptcy Issues By Marc E. Albert, Esq., and bankruptcy law practitioner, Marrison & Hecker, L.L.P. Washington, DC.